frequently asked questions

what is this app about?
lofextra allows you to track your and your family expenses in a secure and private way
how is the privacy achieved?
all data is stored on your device and it is not accessible to anyone. the app leverages opfs to store data
what if i want to use lofextra on multiple devices?
just type the mnemonic (12 words) on another device. all your data will sync automatically
how does the sync work?
lofextra is using a server to sync updates. however, all your data is e2e encrypted using your private key (derived from mnemonic). only your other device with the same mnemonic set can decrypt the data
what happens if i lose the mnemonic?
you will lose* access to your account. you should back it up carefully
*the data is stored on your device therefore it is possible to recover it by making the backup using the export database functionality
can i use the app offline
you certainly can. install the app as PWA, use it offline and your data will automatically sync with other devices when you are back online
why isn't this a mobile app?
there are currently no benefits native mobile app would bring. you can install web version on your phone and use it like a native app
is something not working?
please create an issue
can i make a donation?
i would really appreciate it. please, go here